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‘Countries must adopt balanced approach to deal with AI’

AI-- what's in store?

Amid rapidly growing artificial intelligence brings along new risks, fresh forms of discrimination and bias besides threats to personal privacy and data protection, nations must adopt a balanced approach to deal with this area, Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa said today. Speaking at the inaugural session of the G20 Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), he said that too much regulation in this critical area could dent innovation.

“As G20 countries, we need to have a pro innovation approach that maximizes the value of these technology and offers entrepreneurs the freedom to innovate within principle-based ethical framework. The risk mitigation can only be effective with early warning of new risks and imminent threats,” Kant said, adding that SAIs as independent institution have a distinct advantage in bringing transparency and accountability in the public sector.

Kant also noted that the multiple meetings and deliberations which are taking place in as many as 60 different cities in the country under India’s one year G20 presidency showcases the unity in diversity. While states may have varying ideologies, they belong to the “same cosmic web,” he said.

Kant also pointed out that the G20 must take the initiative and chalk out an action plan to counter the detrimental impacts of global warming and climate change by leveraging the oceans for conservation and preservation.

Earlier Comptroller and Auditor General of India CG Murmu said that the artificial intelligence app — Chat GPT—has put the spotlight on the opportunities and threats that expanded use of technology presents.

“At an individual layman level, Chat GPT compelled us to recognise it and also triggered the debate of its utility vis-à-vis its risks, especially if recklessly used by young students,” Murmu said. He added that amid the huge power, possibility and perils of AI, it is essential that policy makers put in place processes to responsibly harness the potential of this technology.

The SAI 20 had earlier met in Guwahati in March. The member countries had delved on the issue of AI in the larger audit frame.

Meanwhile, SAI Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco and Oman are also among those who attended the meeting.

Under the guiding philosophy for India’s Presidency of G20, Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam –“One Earth, One Family, and One Future”, the CAG proposed collaboration of SAI20 Engagement Group on the area of Blue Economy as well besides responsible AI.

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