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Corporations help fight coronavirus

Corporations help fight coronavirus

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Capitalists are bloodsucking fiends who exploit the proletariat. Corporations are the leechlike monsters that thrive on the misery of their employees. Industrialists and corporate bosses are heartless crooks who deserve nothing but condemnation. These are the fairy tales we read in our school and college books, the books written by lal salaam professors. Fairy tales because the real world shows no resemblance to theories<span class="text_exposed_show"> we are subjected to in our impressionable period. The reaction of India Inc—indeed of corporations all over the world—to the deadly coronavirus gives a lie to the myths peddled by Leftists. For businesspersons and corporations, like many other concerned with public health, have come forward to thwart the COVID-19 menace.</span>
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In a TV interview, Bajaj Auto managing director and chief executive officer Rajiv Bajaj said, “I will cut my salary to zero before a single employee is laid off.” The Aditya Birla group, the Vedanta group, and the Essar group also promised not to cut any jobs or salaries of their staff, Business Standard reported yesterday. This is not how the exploiters of workers sound.

Tata Sons chairman N. Chandrasekaran also promised that there temporary workers and daily wage earners would get full payment in March and April. The workers would also be shielded from quarantine, site closures, plant shutdowns, etc.

This is not to say that nobody is retrenching staff or there would be no pain in the future. But then there are also companies like Mahindra which are contemplating pay cuts by promoters and CEOs. And then there are also people like Shree Cement managing director H.M. Bangur who says that it is “not right to talk about business, profit and loss, revenue in times like these.”

It not just in our country that corporations are helping government and society fight COVID-19 but also in other parts of the world. General Motors, for instance, has announced it will use its resources to help produce the much-needed ventilators for treating COVID-19 patients, IANS reported.

It has joined hands with Ventec Life Systems in this endeavor. “GM has taken a cue from Fiat Chrysler and Ford to shut down all North American auto production amid the spread of COVID-19, the disease the novel coronavirus causes,” IANS said.

These remarks and actions fly in the face of Leftwing theories which have only shaped the hearts and minds millions in our country, many of whom have become policy and decision makers. It is time such dangerous theories were dumped.