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China’s lockdowns to contain Covid resurgence could further dampen the economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping

As China reimposed fresh lockdown orders in places such as Ejin Banner and Lanzhou to contain the resurgence of Covid 19, economic activities could be dented. This could further impact economic recovery within the country.

Even as 75 per cent of the population have been vaccinated, the country reported over 190 cases of the infectious Delta variant since October 17. As the number of tests is increasing, the number of fresh Covid 19 cases could further rise, giving rise to fear of a wider lockdown which would dampen economic activities in the country.

Arab News said that “as the rest of the world opens up and tries to find ways to live with the virus, China has maintained a zero Covid-19 approach" that has seen harsh local lockdowns imposed over a handful of cases.

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The news organisation further said citizens living in Lanzhou, a city that has seen 39 fresh cases, “will now be required to stay at home.” The authorities will also monitor the entry and exit of residents.

In Beijing too access to tourist sites has been limited and residents have been urged not to leave the city.

Arab News also noted that while the country’s case numbers are extremely low compared with elsewhere in the world, authorities are determined to stamp out the latest outbreak with the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing just over 100 days away.