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Bangladesh may import more rice from India

Indian rice reaches Bangladesh

Bangladesh is looking at increasing the quantum of rice imports from India, which will already supply 1.5 lakh tonnes of non basmati rice to the south Asian country under a government to government deal. Rice imports into the country from India and Singapore could go up to 2.5 lakh tonnes.
This is in addition to the seven global tenders floated by Bangladesh for imports of 3.10 lakh tonnes of rice.
While Myanmar has evinced interest in supplying rice to Bangladesh, Dhaka has said that it is keen to give priority to India.
The Daily Star quoted Food Secretary Mosammat Nazmanara Khanum as saying "We received a letter regarding Myanmar's interest to supply rice but are yet to start discussions…. We want to give priority to India when it comes to buying rice.” However, Bangladesh did not rule out imports from Myanmar as well.
Indian rice is competitively priced compared to other countries including Thailand and Vietnam.
While Bangladesh, which is the world's third-largest producer of rice with an output of about 35 million tonnes every year, it has to import the grain, the primary staple cereal in the country, when production drops due to natural disasters.
The Sheikh Hasina government has drastically reduced import duty on rice to 25 per cent from a high 62.5 per cent, which will facilitate Indian exporters to supply the grain in the country. The grain, forms an integral part of every Bangladeshi’s daily diet.
 India-Bangladesh relations have got a new dimension with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bangladeshi counterpart Hasina holding a bilateral summit in December, where the two leaders reiterated the need to increase economic and political co-operation. Modi is also expected to take part in the year-long celebrations to mark 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence.  
Ahead of the celebrations, India has supplied 20 lakh Covid 19 vaccines to Bangladesh as a gift. Besides, this Dhaka will receive 3 crore doses of the vaccine under a commercial agreement.