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Airbus to cut around 15,000 jobs

Airbus to cut around 15,000 jobs

Aeronautics, space and related services major Airbus plans to adapt its global workforce as it resizes its commercial aircraft activity in response to the Covid 19 crisis.

This adaptation process is expected to result in a reduction of around 15,000 positions no later than summer 2021.

“The information and consultation process with social partners has begun with a view to reaching agreements for implementation starting in autumn 2020,” the company said in a statement.

“The commercial aircraft business activity has dropped by close to 40 per cent in recent months as the industry faces an unprecedented crisis.”

As per the statement, commercial aircraft production rates have been "adapted" accordingly.

“Airbus is grateful for the government support that has enabled the Company to limit these necessary adaptation measures,” the statement said.

“However with air traffic not expected to recover to pre-Covid levels before 2023 and potentially as late as 2025, Airbus now needs to take additional measures to reflect the post Covid 19 industry outlook.”

The company anticipates the need to adapt its global workforce due to Covid 19 by approximately 5,000 positions in France, 5,100 positions in Germany, 900 positions in Spain, 1,700 positions in the UK and 1,300 positions at Airbus' other worldwide sites.

“These figures include the Airbus subsidiaries Stelia in France and Premium AEROTEC in Germany. However, they do not include approximately 900 positions stemming from a pre-Covid-19 identified need to restructure Premium AEROTEC in Germany, which will now be implemented within the frame of this global adaptation plan.”

Besides, the company said that the details of Covid 19 adaptation plan need to be finalised with social partners.

“While compulsory actions cannot be ruled out at this stage, Airbus will work with its social partners to limit the impact of this plan by relying on all available social measures, including voluntary departures, early retirement, and long term partial unemployment schemes where appropriate,” the statement added..