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Adar Poonawalla has a message for Tesla boss: Invest in India

Adar Poonawalla, CEO, Serum Institute of India

Adar Poonawally, CEO of the Serum Institute of India has a price of advice for Tesla’s top boss Elon Musk. On Sunday, Poonawalla took to Twitter to reach out to the world’s richest man asking him to invest in India for large scale production of Tesla electric cars.

Tesla has a registered office in India but has been reluctant to set up a manufacturing base here. Musk cited challenges with the government as the primary reason. Even as Musk has been eyeing the Indian market, he has often run into problems with the authorities here.

The government has questioned Tesla's business practices of seeking tax breaks especially when it wanted to sell Chinese made cars in India.

“Hey @elonmusk just in case you don't end up buying @Twitter, do look at investing some of that capital in INDIA for high-quality large-scale manufacturing of @Tesla cars. I assure you this will be the best investment you'll ever make,” Poonawalla said in a tweet.

Musk has grabbed headlines after he clinched a deal to buy social media giant Twitter in a $44 billion deal.

Meanwhile with Musk taking over Twitter, the social media firm will now become a private company.

Musk criticized Twitter's moderation, calling himself a free speech absolutist, said that Twitter's algorithm for prioritizing tweets should be public, and has criticized giving too much power on the service to corporations that advertise.

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Twitter must be politically neutral to deserve public trust, says new owner Elon Musk