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A Tale of Two Nations: Bangladesh focused on economic growth, Pakistan on checkmating India

A Tale of Two Nations: Bangladesh and Pakistan

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reasons to be proud. The Canada based International Forum for Rights and Security (IFFRAS) in a recent report said that Bangladesh, once part of Pakistan, which achieved independence just 50 years ago is now way ahead of the latter.

A Dhaka Tribune report said that the think tank even noted that In 1971 Pakistan was 70 per cent richer than Bangladesh but today Dhaka is 45 per cent richer.

IFFRAS in its report ‘Bangladesh and Pakistan—Formerly one Nation, today a World Apart’ underlined that Bangladesh sees its future in human development and economic growth. Goalposts are set at increasing exports, reducing unemployment, improving health, reducing dependence on loans and aid, and further extending microcredit.

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The think tank added that for Pakistan human development is not a priority. "The bulk of national energies remain focused upon check-mating India and nurturing extra state actors," DT quoted the report as stating.

The Bangladesh government has focused on economic stability and development. The country’s economy rose by 271 times over 50 years.

Bangladesh, which was part of the least developed countries, is now gearing up to graduate from the list.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who has steered her country into becoming a developing nation, promised to build a “Golden Bangladesh.”

“For Hasina, the main objective has been the economic growth of the country. In the process she has managed to address problems relating to extremism. Though challenges related to radicalism remain, the authorities have set their targets very clearly,” an analyst said.

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As the country embarks on its next phase of economic journey, after chartering a success story in the ready-made garment (RMG) industry, Hasina is now opening up the country for leading global manufacturers to set up factories.

The RMG industry for Bangladesh created four million jobs and boosted exports.