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Zoos in Assam, Gujarat and Odisha take steps keep animals warm amid winter chill

A scene at Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden where heaters have been installed to keep the animals warm (Pics. Courtesy ANI)

With the cold wave sweeping across the northern and north-eastern parts of India, just like human beings, animals in the zoos too are finding it difficult to cope with winter. Zoos across these regions have made arrangements to keep the inmates warm.

The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden in Guwahati has installed heating systems in the enclosures and cages of animals, including the deer, lions and tigers. Talking to the media, R. Deka, a zoo staffer said: “We have arranged for heaters and have taken other preventive measures for animals here so that they don’t suffer from cold.”

Lucknow Zoo Winter
Python being kept warm with a heater at Lucknow zoo

In the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow provision has been made to keep animals at Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden warm in view of the cold weather. Arun Saxena, the State Forest Minister said: “Special arrangements have been made in view of cold weather. Heaters and blankets have been put up inside the cages for animals after consulting doctors, food is also provided accordingly.”

At Surat, Gujarat, authorities of Sarthana Nature Park and Zoo have installed heaters near the cages of animals like deer while for the birds, bulbs have been put up. Dr. Rajesh Patel, in charge of the Zoo said that every winter season these arrangements are made. The heaters are switched on at night when the cold is very severe.

Bhubaneswar Zoo Winter
Heaters have been installed at Nandankanan Zoo Bhubaneswar to keep inmates warm

At Odisha’s Nandankanan Zoo in Bhubaneswar arrangements have already been made to supply plywood and room heaters to the chimpanzees while orangutans have been provided blankets to keep warm.

Further for the rock python paddy straws have been stashed inside the enclosure; incandescent bulbs have been fitted for the King Cobra, while heaters are keeping the iguanas warm.

Dr. Sanjeet Kumar, Deputy Director of the Zoo informed that special dietary arrangements have also been made for the animals. The aviary species have been given special attention as they are susceptible to harsh weather. Agro net sheds have been put at the enclosures of monkeys, birds and squirrels to guard against cold breeze.