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Woman works her way up from SBI sweeper to AGM in Mumbai

Pratiksha Tondwalkar who made it to the top with hard work and determination

Hard work, grit and determination is what makes a person strong and successful. An outstanding example of this is Pratiksha Tondwalkar, who started as a sweeper at India’s biggest bank, the State Bank of India and rose to become an Assistant General Manager in the organisation.

Tondwalkar was born in Pune to a poor family and was unable to complete her studies due financial constraints. Married at the age of 16 she arrived in Mumbai with her husband Sadashiv Kadu.

A bookbinder at SBI’s Mumbai branch, Kadu passed away in an accident.

Widowed at the age of 20 she had to take care of her son and did odd jobs till she landed a sweeper’s job at the bank where her husband worked.

Talking to Money Control, she recalled: “At that time, I had to visit the SBI branch to collect my remaining dues from my husband. I knew I had to take up a job but I was not qualified. So, I asked the bank to help with a job so that I could survive.”

After sweeping and cleaning the bank premises in the morning, Tondwalkar did other menial jobs.

Unfazed by adverse circumstances and hardships, she did not lose hope. “I knew I was not meant for this. I saw people working at the office and I knew I wanted to be one of them,” she remarked. She made attempts to complete her school education.

Receiving support from the bank staff and relatives she cleared Class X and Class XII and later did graduation in psychology in 1995.

She started working as a clerk at the bank and remarried. She was promoted to a trainee officer in 2004 and rising steadily has become an AGM.