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Watch: Tiger vs Tigress in fight over deer at Rajasthan’s Ranthambore Park

Screengrab from the video

The rare video shows a fight between a tiger and a tigress over a deer that the former has hunted down in Rajasthan’s Ranthambore National Park.

The video shared on Latest Sightings’ official, Youtube Channel shows the tigress spotting the prey and settling down to a feast. But just as she starts enjoying the meal the enraged tiger shows up and comes charging at her.

A fight between the two follows and the tiger who appears to be stronger and also on the moral high ground gets the better of the tigress who goes into retreat. The tiger than carries way his prey deeper into the forest.

Tinged by Vijay Kumawat in Ranthambore National Park,” the organisation wrote as they posted the video on May 10 and has been widely viewed.

One of the viewers commented:

“These two know each other. That’s probably why the male was so restrained in his response and why the female held her ground to the extent she did, she knew he was unlikely to actually hurt her, and he didn’t actually want to hurt her.”