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Watch: Preparing the biggest paratha weighing 5 kg!

Weighing 5 kilograms this giant paratha was prepared in Jaipur Paratha Junction

Paratha in whatever flavour and form is always enticing and welcome so the bigger it is the better! Now, social media is going gaga over a paratha stuffed with potato and paneer which is 5 kilograms.

The amazing video shot in Rajasthan’s Jaipur has gone viral with people adoring the chef preparing the mouth-watering delicacy.



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A post shared by Amar Sirohi (@foodie_incarnate)

The clip shot at Jaipur Paratha Junction, was shared by blogger Amar Sirohi and the paratha measures 32 inches in diameter and costs Rs.819.

To begin with, the chef prepares the filling which weighs two kgs and includes one kg of potatoes, apart from paneer, onion, green chillies, green coriander and spices. Using 3.5 kg atta the chef then makes the dough and with a huge rolling pin gives it a shape.

It is then well roasted on a tawa weighing 40 kg using a mix of butter and oil. The well-cooked paratha which looks yummy is then served with curd, green chutney, red garlic chutney and white butter!