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Watch: Plane crashes as dare-devil stunt by two US pilots to swap aircraft mid-air backfires

The Cessna 182 plane which crashed during the stunt of swapping of pilots (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/aviationbrk)

A dare-devil stunt by two US Air Force pilots to swap planes mid-air went wrong as one of the two aircraft went out of control and crashed to the ground in Arizona. 

However, the New York Post reported that the skydiver cousins Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington were safe and no injuries were reported. The duo are  part of the Red Bull Air Force Aviation crew,

The pilots were trying to skydive into each other's planes while in mid-air – leaving both aircrafts unmanned in the meantime.

Both Cessna 182 planes went into their parallel, intentional nosedives that allowed the pilots to leap out and begin their plunge.

However, the plane Farrington was jumping into quickly began spiralling out of control into a downward tailspin, becoming extremely inconsistent with the other plane’s altitude after the two skydivers made their jumps.

Although Aikins managed to successfully complete the stunt into his respective plane, Farrington was force to parachute to the ground as his new plane — which deployed a parachute — plummeted as well. But even in that dangerous moment Farrington managed to keep cool, according to his partner.

“Andy’s fine, I could hear him talking to me in freefall,” Aikins said after touching down safely, according to the New York Post report.

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