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Watch Nature’s Miracle: Clean water gushes out of tree to quench human thirst

The Crocodile Bark Tree has stored potable water (Pic. Courtesy wikimedia commons)

Nature’s wonders are incredible. Take for example a video footage uploaded on Twitter of the Ministry of Jal Shakti which shows water gushing out of a Crocodile bark tree. Stored in its stem, this water is often tapped as a source of potable water in the summer. It is said to have curative value too.


This Crocodile bark tree (Terminalia tomentosa) or what is commonly known as saaj, Indian laurel, marutham in Tamil, matti in Kannada and ain in Marathi is prominent in Indian dry and moist deciduous forests is remarkable as some of its species store water in the dry season.

Growing up 30 metres tall, its bark interestingly is fire-resistant. The wood is used for making furniture and musical instruments like guitar, building boats, railroad cross-ties and decorative veneers. Its bark has medical properties and is used for curing diarrhoea.

Interestingly, this tree according to Theravada Buddhism was used for achieving enlightenment by the 20th Century Buddha called “Tissa”.