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WATCH: Mother Elephant gives birth to calf with herd rejoicing!

Mother elephant helps the calf to get up after birth (Pic. Courtesy Twitter@Gabriele_Corno)

Birth of a being, whether human or animal, is a wonderful aspect of Nature. Gabriele Corno has shared a beautiful video on Twitter showing a mother elephant in Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve giving birth to a calf.


What makes the whole footage endearing is how the mother pushes hard to bring out the baby and then proudly announces by trumpeting the arrival of the new born to her herd. While she is assisting the small fellow to stand up, all the others in the herd quickly surround the calf to protect it and celebrate!

The weight of a calf is usually 110 kilograms and it is 3 feet tall. Mothers carry them for 22 months – the longest gestation period for any mammal. Also, the elephants give birth once in four years and in their lifetime – 60 to 70 years – they have four to five babies.

Viewers were awed by the video and called it amazing and wonderful.