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Watch: Kerala’s innovative carpenter crafts eco-friendly wooden treadmill

The 54-year-old E.K. Ravindran using the wooden treadmill he made on his own

Human ingenuity has no boundaries and age. This is proved by 54-year-old E.K. Ravindran, a carpenter in Kerala who has invented an eco-friendly wooden treadmill. The video of this novel machine has gone viral on social media.


Hailing from Wayanad, the fitness equipment made by Ravindran of Sulthan Bathery does not need electricity or battery.

Talking to the media, the inventor said that he was inspired to make this equipment because he was suffering from back pain and was keen to do physical exercise on a regular basis but did not want to go for a walk outside as wild and stray animals posed a danger. He was forced to put on his thinking hat and design this machine four years ago for his personal use.

Ravindran went on to tweak the design to make it more comfortable. Most of the parts of the machine are made of wood and only two parts need to be purchased – a nylon belt and ball bearings. In all it costs Rs.12,000 and takes three days to assemble.

Ever since the video of the machine has gone viral, he has been receiving many calls about it.