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Watch: Forest officials apply Archimedes’ principle to rescue young elephant from deep pit!

The elephant which fell in a deep pit was rescued by forest rangers in West Bengal using Archimedes’ principle (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@sandeepberwal)

Forest rangers in West Bengal used their knowledge of physics and applied Archimedes’ principle to rescue a young wild elephant who had fallen into a deep pit.

The video is made up of a series of images, which show forest department officials pumping water into the pit which results in the elephant floating up towards the top. They then use ropes to help it finally come out.

The elephant was earlier struggling inside the deep pit and even frantically using its trunk to come out.

District forest officer Sandeep Berwal tweeted that the department received a call about the incident at 1 am.

“Few lessons of swimming and learning about buoyancy, the elephant was rescued and guided safely into the forest by 4 am.” he added.

The video has been shared on Twitter by many users, including Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan.