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WATCH: Elephants save calf from drowning!

Elephants got together to rescue a calf from drowning

To every parent, their child is precious and when in danger they will do everything to save them. This is true not just among human beings but also animals as evident in this video showing elephants trying to save a calf from drowning in a pool in Seoul, South Korea.


The footage shared on Twitter by Gabriele Corno shows a mother and a baby elephant drinking water from a pool when suddenly the calf falls in the water.

Hearing the commotion, another elephant rushes to help the mother and her calf. The two adults save the baby elephant as it tries to keep its trunk above the water.

Another elephant is visible behind the fence pacing up and down in despair as it tries to reach the other two elephants to assist them in the rescue.

Viewers were all praise for these animals. One said: "These things feel deeply," while another wrote: "And how smart! Bravo, Babars!"