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Watch:  Delhi’s Waste to Art Park showcases birds and animals of G20 countries, spotlights waste management

Indian Peacock is one of the displays in the NDMC Park which is showing birds and animals of G20 participating countries made from waste

Highlighting India’s commitment to its citizens and the world on the vital issue of conservation of resources and waste management, the New Delhi Municipal Council  has opened a Waste to Art Park at Kautilya Marg in Chanakyapuri. This project is part of India’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle initiative and has come up in the park named after the former Vietnamese president Ho Chi Min.


The park has put on display sculptures made from scrap metal salvaged from construction sites and automobile waste dumps. The 22 sculptures which NDMC has installed in collaboration with the Lalit Kala Akademi depict animals and birds from G20 countries and recognise their participation in the Summit.

The birds and animals in the park include America bison, Indian peacock, a pair of Springbok from South Africa, Korean magpie from South Korea, Red Crowned Crane from China, Canada’s Beaver, Puma from Argentina, Gallic Rooster from France, Italian Sparrows, Russia’s Brown Bear, Brazilian Jaguar, Saudi Arabian Camel, Australian Kangaroo, Mexican Golden Eagle, Lion from Great Britain, Turkish Redwing, Japanese Green Pheasant, German Eagle, and Indonesian Komodo Dragon