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Watch: Bollywood actress Chrisann in tears after being freed from Sharjah jail

Screengrab from the video

Bollywood actress Chrisann Pereira, who was arrested in the UAE earlier this month, after her neighbour in Mumbai planted  drugs on her, was released from prison in Sharjah on Wednesday.

Chrisann’s brother Kevin Pereira posted a video on Instagram showing their mother talking on video to the 27-year-old actress who cannot control her tears after going through the trauma of being framed by her neighbour in a drug trafficking case.


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“Chrisann is SET FREE!!! She will be in India in the next 48 hours,” her brother wrote on Instagram.

“You are free. This is amazing,” Chrisann’s mother Pramila tells her.

Chrisann, who has worked in Bollywood films like Sadak-2 and Batla House, was arrested at the Sharjah airport on April 1 for carrying a memento that had narcotic drugs hidden in it.

However, investigations by the Mumbai Crime Branch revealed that the actress was deliberately framed in a case of revenge by her neighbour after a fight over a pet dog.

The police have arrested bakery owner Anthony Paul and bank manager Rajesh Bobhate, in the case. The men, residents of Mira Road in Mumbai, are also accused of trying to extort money for the release of Ms Pereira after she was caught with drugs..

Anthony allegedly approached the actor through Rajesh who posed as a talent consultant and made an offer for an audition for a web-series in Sharjah.

The accused also asked her to carry a memento which he said was an audition prop. However, the duo had hidden narcotic drugs in it to get the actress framed in a drug trafficking case.

Anthony and Rajesh have also been accused of framing a DJ – Clayton Rodriguez – in the same way. They gave him a cake in which drugs were hidden.