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Watch: Bharat Mandapam reflects India’s rich heritage and strides in modernity ahead of G-20 summit

With everything in place for the start of the G-20 Summit 2023 in New Delhi, the Bharat Mandapam is all set to receive the heads of different nations and their delegates to discuss global issues.


The International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre complex at the Capital’s Pragati Maidan which has been aptly named as Bharat Mandapam was built at a cost of Rs.2,700 crores and was dedicated to the nation recently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This world class convention and exhibition centre spread over an area of 123 acres in terms of the covered space available for events is placed among the top complexes in the world. It comprises multiple state-of-the-art facilities including Convention Centre, Exhibition halls and amphitheatre etc.

The Convention Centre which is the centrepiece is a grand architectural marvel, designed to host large-scale international exhibitions, trade fairs, conventions, conferences, and other prestigious events. Equipped with multiple meeting rooms, lounges, auditoriums, an amphitheatre and a business centre, it is capable of hosting a wide range of events.  The multi-purpose hall and plenary hall in it have a combined capacity to accommodate 7,000 people – a seating capacity which is more than the famous Sydney Opera House in Australia. The amphitheatre can seat 3,000 individuals.

The Convention Centre’s architecture is inspired by Indian traditions and reflects its past while also embracing modern facilities and way of life. The shape of the building is derived from the Shankha (conch shell), and its different walls and facades depict several elements of India’s traditional art and culture including Surya Shakti highlighting India’s efforts in harnessing solar energy, Zero to ISRO, celebrating achievements in space,  Pancha Mahabhuta signifying the building blocks of universal foundation – Aakash (Sky), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Prithvi (Earth), among others.

Providing a touch of India’s rich tribal and folk art, various paintings and tribal art forms from different regions of the country adorn the Convention Centre.