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Watch: Back from Haj, Muslim women praise Government’s initiative to send them without male companion

A record number of 4,314 Indian Muslim women went for Hajj without mahram

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s determined bid to make a definite change in the lives of minorities, especially women, has been welcomed by everyone. For example, this year a record number of more than 4,000 Muslim women, 4,314 to be precise, performed Hajj without mahram or a male relative or family member with whom marriage is considered permanently unlawful. Many of these women have written letters to the PM praising the Government’s efforts.


DD News talked to some of these women. Nighat Begum said she always wondered if she would be able to go alone. She was happy that this time she made it and hoped that in future more women will be able to do it.

Likewise, Ishrat Hassan said she too was delighted to make this pilgrimage and that going in such a large group was indeed very enjoyable.

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