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Watch: Army’s Dare Devil bikers in awesome display of skill and courage

The Human Pyramid formation by the Army's Dare Devils in Republic Day Parade

Among the number of ‘firsts’ of the 74th Republic Day, women officers of the Army were part of the stunt team Dare Devils motorcycle stunt team of the Indian army this year. Lieutenant Dimple Bhati, who has been training with the crack daring riders for the past year told news agency ANI she had participated in different events and had been supported by male colleagues.


The video shows the awesome display by the famous Corps of Signals Motor Cycle Rider Display Team mesmerising the audience. The stunts included the Lotus formation. The Abhimanyu formation, the lotus formation and the Human Pyramid that featured 33 dare-devils balanced on nine bikes.

According to the Army, the Dare Devils comprise volunteer dispatch riders who possess self-determination, mental alertness, unmatched courage, physical stamina and precision in handling motorcycles.