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Viral Video: Popular comedian Shraddha Jain stunned as PM Modi greets her with ‘Aiyyo’

Known for her sharp sense of humour, Shraddha Jain was stunned when Prime Minister Modi greeted her with 'Aiyyo'

Known for her pungent sense of humour and bringing into sharp focus contemporary issues, comedian Shraddha Jain, aka Aiyyo Shraddha was thrilled on meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. What really impressed her was that he immediately recognised and greeted her with “Aiyyo”, which is a prefix to her social media handle.


Interestingly, Bengaluru-based Jain whose videos on varied social media platforms are watched by her followers running in lakhs, is famous as Aiyyo Shraddha.

Recently she posted a funny video on mass layoffs on Instagram which was reshared by many users, including Harsh Goenka. In it she played the role of a techie who is laid off from her job.