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Viral video: Naughty parrot steals GoPro and shoots amazing visuals

Aerial view shot by the parrot who stole the camera

The social media enjoyed a bird’s eye view of New Zealand’s remote region as a mischievous parrot stole a GoPro from the family of Alexandra Verheul, and captured breathtaking visuals of the Fiordland National Park.

The video






A post shared by The Guardian (@guardian)

Shared by The Guardian on Instagram, the footage shows the parrot coming close to the camera, and then flying away after fluttering its wings. Filming its escape, the bird tried to attack the camera.

Later Verheul’s son climbed the rocks where the GoPro was still filming and recovered it.

The parrot was a kea, Aotearoa’s native alpine parrot species which is known for its mischievous nature and for stealing wallets, jewellery, packed lunches, etc.