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Viral Video: Assam shopkeeper buys scooter with a sack full of coins!

The scooter bought by a Assam shopkeeper with all the change he saved over eight months

An inspiring video posted by YouTuber Hirak J Das has taken the social media by storm as it conveys impactfully the age-old valuable lesson of saving driblets to create an ocean. An unidentified stationery shopkeeper in Assam landed up at Alpana Suzuki Dealers in Howly situated in Barpeta district with a sack full of coins to buy a two-wheeler which he desired for a long time. 


The footage shows some men hauling up the sack containing the coins accumulated over a period of eight months by the prospective buyer. The contents were then emptied into plastic baskets with the staff of the showroom getting into action of counting it.

When the requisite amount was reached, the new scooter was handed over to its proud owner, who signed the papers and collected the keys.