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Video: Two tiger cubs injured by angry villagers rescued from Madhya Pradesh’s Seoni district

Screengrab from the video.

Two tiger cubs were rescued from a village in Madhya Pradesh's Seoni district after some angry villagers injured them with stones when they had gone to drink water from a local pond near Baelgaon village.

A video of the incident showed one of the tiger cubs limping and some people pelting them with stones. However, other villagers intervened and told them not to attack the cubs which saved their lives.

The cubs, about four to six months old, were found to be weak and starving.

One of the cubs was injured in its right hind leg, Kanha Tiger Reserve veterinarian Dr Sandeep Agrawal told journalists.

The two cubs will be kept at the wildlife hospital in Mukki range till they recover after which they will be shifted to a rewilding centre to learn how to survive in the deep forests, he explained.

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