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Video: Two speeding buses collide on highway in Tamil Nadu’s Salem district, several injured

Screengrab from the video.

A terrible head-on collision between two buses in Tamil Nadu's Salem district was captured on a video camera installed in one of the vehicles.

Thirty people were injured in the accident, some of whom are reported to be critical.

The accident took place on Tuesday evening, when a private bus coming from Edappadi collided with another coming from Thiruchengode, reports said.

The footage of the crash appeared to show the bus with the camera,  cruising at high speed. Then  suddenly another bus coming from the opposite direction swerves into the same lane and the two vehicles crash into each other. 

The impact threw the driver and passengers off their seats as the bus came to an abrupt stop with a shattered windscreen and screams of terrified passengers renting the air.

The victims have been admitted to hospitals in Salem and Edappadi.

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