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Video Of 70-year-old Nagpur’s independent couple selling poha on roadside impresses Netizens

The 70 year old couple who make a living by selling delicious poha and aloo bonda at the roadside eatery

Setting an example for the younger generation, an elderly Nagpur couple has impressed Netizens with their hard work to earn an honest living and be independent by selling food on the roadside.

This inspiring story is about the 70-year-old couple who despite their age and physical condition have been working for four years and making their ends meet and it was shared by food vloggers “Eatographers”. A video clipping was also shared along with their description.

The Video:

Every day in the morning the couple starts their work at dawn, making necessary preparations and then running their eatery for 10 hours. They make and sell tarri poha which is a favourite with the people of Nagpur for Rs.10 and also aloo bonda which is priced at Rs.15. The visual shows the elderly lady preparing the poha, while her husband is seen serving it in the paper plate to the customer.

Sharing their story, the vloggers, wrote, “It has been four years since they started this stall. They are hardworking and full of hope.” Along with the caption were the details about their stall, including the address and the timings were also mentioned.

The clip went viral and people not only praised their effort but also offered help. These included not only people from Nagpur but also outside.

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