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Video: Jakarta guard miraculously survives deadly lightning

Miraculous escape...A guard in Jakarta had a near-death experience when he was struck by a bolt of lightning

It is all nice to watch and hear thunder but when hit by it, all the charm vanishes. Those working outdoors run the risk of being struck by lightning more than others and it is the lucky ones who survive like the security guard in Jakarta.


The 35-year-old guard had a near death experience as he walked down an open factory area holding an umbrella when out of the blues a big bolt of thunder struck him. One can see sparks all over with the man falling on the ground unconscious. The footage of this ghastly incident captured on CCTV camera has gone viral on social media.

The footage on Twitter also warns the readers to avoid using radio and cell phones during rains. The guard in this present case was carrying a walkie-talkie which some viewers said was the cause for the lightning to strike him, while others pointed at the umbrella.

The guard was rushed to the hospital by his colleagues and was discharged after four days of treatment. He is now recovering at home. He has suffered some burns on his hands but has miraculously survived the mishap.