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Video: Courageous Kerala man jumps into driver’s seat of burning lorry and does high speed zig-zag manoeuvre to prevent explosion

Shaji Varghese risked his life by driving a burning truck away from a crowded area

In a brave and daring act, a resident of Kodenchery town in Kerala saved a burning lorry laden with paddy (rice) straw from exploding after it caught fire in a crowded area while touching an overhead power line, according to a report in Manorama Online.


The scared driver of the lorry had abandoned the vehicle.

However, Shaji Varghese, a bystander, had both the courage and presence of mind to jump into the driver’s seat of the lorry and drive it high speed in a zig-zag manner to spill the burning rice straw off the vehicle and keep the fire under control until the fire department arrived.