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Video: Aircraft Passengers Push Plane Off The Runway

Passengers of an aeroplane helped the officials push their plane off the runaway when its tyre burst

It is not an uncommon sight in the cities and also other areas, to see a vehicle being pushed following its breakdown but this does not hold true for something which is huge, like an aeroplane. This is what took place in Nepal in Bajura airport when a group of people were seen pushing a craft.

This video which went viral on TikTok shows flyers pushing a plane, which is small, on the runway with all they have. People can be seen lined on either side of the plane shoving the plane which reportedly had one of its tyres burst. The entire video was filmed at the airport which is located in Kolti and the lightweight craft belongs to Tara Air.

The video clip went viral on Twitter too.

Sharing details about the incident, Sushil Bhattarai, a journalist from Nepal said that the Twin Otter aircraft belonged to Tara Air with registration number 9NAEV. It was stranded in the middle of the runway and since it was obstructing the runway, passengers and security officials, together pushed it, clearing the path as there were no facilities to drag the plane. This helped in resuming the flights.

Tara Air is a sister company of Yeti Airlines and their spokesperson told the media that the plane had landed at Bajura Airport from Simkot in Humla.

From Nepalganj another plane of the company landed with tyres and engineers who fitted the tyres, following which the two planes landed at Nepalgunj.