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Valuable diamond studded bangle returned by Mangaluru airport employee wins praise

Ashraf Moideen handed over the diamond studded bangle to its rightful owner in the parking lot of Mangaluru International Airport

In what can be described as an exemplary display of honesty, Mangaluru International Airport’s trolley retriever Ashraf Moideen, returned a high-value diamond studded bangle to its rightful owner.

Moideen found the bangle at the exit of the airport which belonged to the relative of a passenger who had come from Bengaluru to receive her guest. When she realised that the bangle was missing, the Lost and Found Department of the airport was contacted for assistance. 

The Central Industrial Security Force’s Aviation Security Group was aware of the missing bangle as they had received the message that Moideen had found this valuable piece of jewellery and handed it over to the security.

Following this, the Terminal Manager verified and confirmed that the bangle which had been found belonged to the woman and Moideen personally handed over the bangle to the woman in the airport’s parking lot.

Talking about the incident, Moideen said: “The joy on the face of the owner after receiving her precious bangle was the most fulfilling moment for me.”

People, especially the woman who owns the bangle, praised Moideen’s honesty.

Interestingly, this is the second time an incident like this has happened  in which Ashraf has returned valuables found by him to the security staff.