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US: New York-based restaurant adds millet-based dishes after PM Modi’s initiative

Indian restaurant 'Saar' has added millet-based dishes to its menu on the occasion of PM Modi's visit to US (Pic. Courtesy ANI)

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for millets, an Indian restaurant named ‘Saar’ at Times Square has added millets-based dishes to its menu.

Hemant Mathur, the owner of the restaurant said that the response has been very encouraging and millets are also very healthy.

Speaking to ANI, the restaurant owner said, “I have been living in the US since 1994. I have three hotels and also run a catering unit. We are very excited about PM Modi’s visit. It will definitely boost India-US ties. But, food will also play a huge role here.”

“Especially, PM Modi is promoting millets. Similarly, we have also promoted it in collaboration with the Indian consulate. We have also run a millet-based menu”, he said.

“The response has been encouraging, The Americans have also liked it. We prepared various dishes such as cutlets, dosa, and uttapam. It is very healthy. It is sugar-controlled, high in protein, and helps in losing weight too,” he added.

Recognizing the importance of millets and creating a domestic and global demand along with providing nutritious food to the people, at the behest of the Government of India, the United Nations declared 2023 the International Year Millets.

The campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote Shree Anna will fulfil the nutritional requirements of crores of people in the country, the statement said.

Millets are considered good for health and also beneficial for farmers and environment friendly. The Millets are energy dense, drought resistant, with lower water requirements and can be easily grown in arid soils, and hilly terrain and are less susceptible to pests, the statement said.

Some of the important benefits of Millet are – a good source of proteins, gluten-free; low in Glycemic Index (GI); and rich in dietary fibre, micronutrients including calcium, iron, phosphorus and phytochemicals, thus boosting the nutritional profile of a soldier’s diet.

International Year of Millets (IYOM) – 2023 will provide an opportunity to increase global production, efficient processing and better use of crop rotation and promote millets as a major component of the food basket.