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Travancore’s historic victory over Dutch colonisers commemorated with Colachel Victory Warrior statue

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan unveiled the Colachel Victory Warrior statue to commemorate the historic win of Travancore Kingdom over the Dutch

The historic victory by an Asian kingdom in a battle against a European power was commemorated with the unveiling of Colachel Victory Warrior statue by Arif Mohammed Khan, Governor of Kerala. The statue has been installed at Pangode military station.

In the early 18th Century, King Marthanda Varma, the Travancore ruler while expanding his kingdom came into a direct confrontation with the Dutch East India Company, who had large interests in the region because of the spice trade, especially the pepper and cinnamon.

In November of 1740, the siege of Colachel started with massive bombardment by the Dutch naval forces who had blockaded the Travancore coast around the area. While they were on the offensive, the Dutch were short of troops and Varma taking advantage of this sent his army towards Colachel to catch them by surprise.

The supplies to Dutch garrisons were cut off and a blockade was effected on the land side.

The Mukkuvars or the fishermen community played a vital role in this battle. They had decided to side with Travancore King in this war against the Dutch and helped to sink many of their boats. The Dutch had approached them and offered them money but they refused.

On August 5, a well-aimed cannonball fired by the Travancore army fell into a gunpowder barrel inside the Dutch garrison resulting in the entire rice supply of the stockade getting destroyed. This made them surrender on August 7.

Many of the Dutch officers, including Admiral De Lannoy, who surrendered became part of the Travancore Army. The Admiral organised it on European standards introducing firearms and gunpowder while also increasing the regiments and improving the defence fortifications.

Another major impact of this war was that the pepper trade was taken over by Travancore.

Speaking on the occasion, the Kerala Governor praised the Pangode station for erecting the magnificent statue representing all the unsung heroes of the Colachel Wiar and honouring those who fought for their motherland.

There was a spectacular display of Kalaripayattu martial arts by the Madras Regiment and students from various martial art schools.

Also present on the occasion were Aditya Varma, member of Travancore Royal Family, Pangode Military Chief Brigadier Lalit Sharma, and other dignitaries and ex-servicemen.