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The man from Rwanda honey trapped by queen bee

Ndayisaba, a resident of the Central African Republic of Rwanda, is popularly known as King of Bees

A swarm of bees can scare the bravest of us but not Ndayisaba, a resident of the Central African Republic of Rwanda! Known popularly as the King of Bees, this man amazes people as he walks around with thousands of bees clinging to his body without them stinging him!

Working as a beekeeper Ndayisaba, since his childhood has been taking care of bees. He gained fame and name recently, as a series of his pictures showing him with bees all over his body became viral on the social media.

Willing to share on how he controls these bees, Ndayisaba said that he looks for the queen bee from the swarm and then he keeps her on his body to attract the other bees, according to a report by the Daily Star. In order to keep the queen bee stationery, he ties a piece of string around his waist.

With the queen bee in one place, other bees naturally in order to protect her, fly towards Ndyisaba. This they do to form a protective shield around her to keep her safe and sound.

Speaking to the media, the beekeeper said: “People are not bothered by this. It rather makes them happy, and they want me to teach them. They are not afraid; all they want is to learn in order to start keeping bees themselves."

Ndayisaba is thankful to the popularity he and his community gained because of his pictures going viral on the social media. He said his unusual skill has also helped him to earn a decent living by selling honey.

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