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The heritage 18th Century Maiji Di Serai in Patiala gets a face lift

Maiji Di Serai in Patiala

Patiala’s 18th Century heritage building – Maiji Di Serai is being renovated and this work is being done by the Police Department.

According to the officials of the Department: “The new brick and plaster work has been carried out from funds received from the state government.”

The officials when contacted by the media reported that the Police Department had received funds from the State Government in order to carry out the work of repair and renovation and other necessary activities for different police stations. They specified that the work in Serai “has been carried out from these funds.”

The outer wall of the serai, which was primarily built with small sized bricks, is being renovated.

Sharing details about this work, the Patiala SSP, Sandeep Garg, said: “Minor renovation work has been carried out at the building keeping in mind security concerns as some part of the wall was damaged. We are ensuring that no changes are made to the basic structure of the building.”

The Serai which is best described as a heritage structure was built in the city in the late 18th Century by Maharani Aas Kaur, wife of Patiala ruler, Maharaja Sahib Singh. It was built to provide resting place and comfort for the tired travellers. It is said that Maharani, a great philanthropist, used her funds to raise the serai.

It is a haveli which was built in an area of more than three acres and is a fine example of Sikh architecture with few parallels in the form of brick masonry.

One can perceive the Mughal influence in the structure with its minutely carved façade, pointed arch windows, decorative cornices, and arch niches. The walls of this heritage building are made of Lahori bricks with lime mortar and plaster besides having a flat roof with jack arch roofing.

The Sikh masons who made them were also influenced by Rajasthani architecture and evolved their own designs.