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Telangana’s Kawal Tiger Reserve celebrates as 340 bird species identified in census

Representational image. Peregrine falcon was one of the bird species identified in the census carried out at Kawal Tiger Reserve in Telangana (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@paulhayes55)

Kawal Tiger Reserve in Telangana’s Mancherial district had a reason to celebrate as more than 340 birds of different species – both local and migratory — were identified during a census conducted there. The enumeration was carried out in the water bodies of KTR during the Asian Water Bird Census in which birds like the rare peregrine falcon were identified.

Among the birds spotted were 100 lesser whistling ducks, 80 Indian spot-billed ducks, 50 northern pintails, 40 open-billed storks, 20 common teals, 10 pond herons, eight red-wattled lapwing, four terek sandpipers, three common kingfishers, two white-throated kingfishers and few other birds, including peregrine falcon.

Besides these, several species of ducks were also found in the area.

The two-day census carried on January 27 and 28 was done by the Wildlife Conservation Society of India in collaboration with the Hyderabad Tiger Conservation Society. KTR, which boasts of a rich diversity of flora and fauna, especially around water bodies, provides a perfect place for local water birds and numerous migratory birds arriving there during the winter months.

Talking about the census, WCS coordinator Venkat Anagandhula said that the objective of this effort was to monitor the water bird population and the health of the wetlands and water bodies in KTR.