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Telangana tribal handicrafts, food items to be sold as gift packs

ITDA Utnoor in Telangana has taken an innovative way of promoting tribal handicrafts including dokra metalcraft as gift packs under its own logo

There has been a paradigm shift in marketing and selling with the Internet and social media now playing a major role. Those who are unable to adapt to this, find themselves slipping in the market and tribals of Adilabad in Telangana too were faced with this challenge.

That is now changing as the Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Utnoor with the aim to reach out to larger markets and customers has adopted an innovative marketing strategy and launched a heritage tribal handicrafts package under its own logo.

The package includes decorative products and food items — that have been hand-made – and are both aesthetically designed, useful and nutritious. Among the items in the package are dokra metalcraft (brass display idols), Gondi art paintings, Giri pure honey (wild processed honey), ready-to-eat millets, mahua laddus and several others products.

These handicraft items will be sold under the logo of ITDA Utnoor to make people aware of the products made by the tribals and publicise them. The logo will help in spreading the world about these crafts and reach a larger section of the buyers.

Talking about this initiative, K. Varun Reddy, ITDA Project officer told the media that its objective is to economically develop tribals by offering them a platform to market and sell their wares.

Keeping in mind the needs of the customers, they can choose the handicraft items and their numbers. Apart from reaching out to individuals, ITDA is also planning to promote these packages in conferences, seminars and other important meetings. They are very keen to showcase these products at the G-20 meetings taking place in India and the State.

The ancient art of dokra metal craft uses wax casting technique to make items with metal. The unique selling point of this art is that the art work does not have any visible joints.

Craftspersons make elephants, deer, horses, peacocks and other items using bronze or brass. The entire process which is labour-intensive takes a lot of time. The craft is also practised in Odisha and Jharkhand.

ITDA Utnoor1
Gondi art paintings by the tribals