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Telangana govt school boys shine in studies and sports

The teachers of Telangana Social Welfare Residential School for Boys ln Bellampalli led by principal work hard to ensure the students do well in accademics

As an institution the Telangana Social Welfare Residential School for Boys located in Bellampalli is ensuring all round development of its students. It is managed by the Tribal/Social Welfare Department of the State.

The institution which came into being in 2014 was upgraded as a Centre of Excellence and junior college four years ago has produced meritorious students who have been getting admission in the medicine, engineering and other professional courses across premier institutions of the country including Indian Institutes of Technology and National Institutes of Technology among others.

Evidently this success is due to the dedication and persistent effort on the part of the teachers who are led by Inala Saidulu, the principal for the last seven years.

Talking about the school’s success, Saidulu told the media that they use innovative teaching methods to ensure that the students learn the concepts and the subject well. Special efforts are made by the faculty to make students who are unable to grasp the subjects learn.

Saidulu told New Indian Express: “We identify the abilities and interests of our students and encourage them to work hard in their chosen field. Getting seats in such prestigious institutions is not easy. We also organise special classes and our faculty and students work hard to achieve their goals.”

Going beyond interacting with the students during school hours, the faculty visits home of certain pupils to ascertain the socio-economic background they come from. This helps them to understand the students better while also enabling them to motivate their parents.

It is not just studies that the children excel in as they have been consistently doing well in sports too. From 2016 to 2022, 24 students have so far taken part in national-level games and sports and 54 have got medals in State-level events.

The school also promotes awareness on ecology among the students. It got the national Swachh Puraskar award of 2016-17 for greening their surroundings. The Centre was presented with the Harita Mithra award by the State government for effective implementation of Telanganaku Harita Haram in 2017.