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Tamil Nadu’s Sirumalai Biodiversity Park to open next summer

Tamil Nadu's Sirumalai Biodiversity Park which boats of leopard, gaur, wild boar, deer and several variety of plants will be open in summer season

The eagerly-awaited Sirumalai Biodiversity Park located in Tamil Nadu will most likely open next year during the summer season. To be built at an estimated cost of Rs.5 crore SBP is located in the Agasthiyarpuram in Dindigul district of the State.

The Park which is in Sirumalai hill range of the Eastern Ghats is 1,600 metres above the sea level. Funds will be released in three phases and the Park will be ready in three months.

This hill range boasts of a variety of animals including the leopard, gaur, mouse deer, barking deer, spotted deer, sloth bear, jackal, Indian pangolin, wild boar, slender loris and several other types of reptiles.

Besides, it is home to 895 species of plants of which several are rare and endemic. At the higher elevation there is semi evergreen forest and woodland savannahs while at the middle hill ranges there is tropical mixed dry deciduous forest and scrub forest in the lower ranges.

Apart from this there is a 500-year-old Shiva temple too in this area.

Talking to New Indian Express about the Park, S. Prabhu, the District Forest Officer said: “The plan for the bio-diversity park was initiated to increase the number of tourists in the region and promote eco-tourism in the area. The arboretum consists of over 100 varieties of trees with botanical names, which will help the visitors learn about nature in a scientific way. We are planning to plant 20 varieties of bamboo trees with full details. The park will help botany researchers and students. A flower garden will also be created to attract butterflies.”

The Park will be children-friendly as it will include spaces to play and enjoy treasure hunts and will have a children’s and adventure park.

Sirumalai Biodiversity Park3

The SBP will have hoardings about different insects, termites, geckos and other animals to kindle the interest of the visitors, especially the childrenThe objective of the SBP is to also inculcate among the children awareness and curiosity about nature and knowledge of botany. For this there will be two interpretation centres showcasing different biodiversity components like birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and other species.

To kindle interest among the visitors there will be hoardings about insects, termites, moths, geckos, tortoises and turtles and other animals.

Inside the park there will be paved paths and roads while a battery car will also be there for the convenience of the senior citizens, women and children.

Accommodation in gazebos and huts made of natural materials is also planned.

Other essential amenities that will be part of the park include CCTVs and toilets.