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Tamil Nadu public libraries to get virtual reality devices and digital books

Determined to bring the State’s public libraries at par with the best, Tamil Nadu is all set to equip them virtual reality devices and also introduce delivery of books at doorstep (Pic. Courtesy annacentenarylibrary.org)

Determined to bring the State’s public libraries at par with the best, Tamil Nadu is all set to equip 76 of these with 152 virtual reality devices. The objective is to attract kids and youngsters to books while also enhancing their reading experience.

Apart from this, the Directorate of Public Libraries also intends to equip all the libraries with internet connection, provide digital library facilities in 500 libraries based on footfall while starting delivery of books at doorstep.

In all 155 librarians have been trained in using the virtual reality devices to enable children to experience the books they have read. In Chennai VRD is available at Ashok Nagar and Alwarpet circle libraries.

Sharing details of this facility, R. Kalaimani, Assistant Librarian, Alwarpet Circle Library said: “Most of the students visit the library on weekends. We give them a little activity after which they are allowed to use the virtual reality devices. All the students over 12 years enjoy the experience.”

Each of the libraries has been provided with two such devices.

Going beyond this, the Directorate is also intending to introduce digital libraries in 500 libraries in the State. Anna Centenary Library is the only at present which has a digital library with more than 3,000 books.

Further on the anvil is another big initiative of taking reading to each home. Under the scheme Noolagam Nanbargal or Friends of Library, 12,500 volunteers will deliver books in their neighbourhood. The scheme is expected to start from next month, December.

Each of the volunteers will be given 25 books to circulate. This will enable the senior citizens, specially-abled and children to get books at their homes. It will also encourage people to read.

Volunteers will be asked to ensure that the books are returned after a fortnight and they will renew them if required.

There are plans in the future to supply books to hospitals to make them available for patients, informed an official of the Directorate.