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Tamil Nadu boasts of tea shop run exclusively by women

This tea shop in Tamil Nadu's Villupuram is run exclusively for women

Women are breaking several stereotypes all over the world. In India, tea shops which are public places predominantly run by men and for men, are now going in for a makeover.

T2T – Taste 2 Taste — in Villupuram in Tamil Nadu is not only owned but also managed and run exclusively by women.

This tea shop located on the Hospital Road has been run for the past four months by 42-year-old S. Anuradha, a graduate in economics and a mother. She is helped in her venture by tea masters, A. Satya who is 33 years old and S. Deepa, 34.

Unlike the usual tea shops, this one is devoid of cigarette smoke, is clean and welcomes womenfolk from all walks of life.

Talking about her business, Anuradha said that she always wanted to start a business on her own and wondered as to why there are no tea shops for women in which they could comfortably sit, talk, eat and enjoy a cup of tea.

On meeting Deepa who had 16 years of experience as a tea maker, she decided to turn her idea into a reality. Having worked in six tea shops, Deepa had mastered the art of brewing tea.

Anuradha’s husband, Senthilkumar and mother-in-law Vasuki supported her idea.

While Deepa did not face any major hurdle in her earlier jobs, in the present one is comfortable as her boss is a woman and so are most of the customers. It is just Deepa but also several college girls and housewives who are now regular at the outlet who feel at ease in the outlet.

The shop has five chairs inside the shop exclusively for women. Moreover, smoking and drunk men are not allowed inside the premises.