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Tamil Nadu artisan turns coconut shells into aesthetic and useful products

Chinnathambi busy making useful items from coconut shells (Pic: Courtesy News18)

Even ordinary objects – which people deem to be useless — can be converted and changed into something which is both aesthetic and helpful in daily life.

Take for instance the case of an artisan, Chinnathambi, from Tamil Nadu’s Virudhunagar district who is fond of using materials which are natural. So, he uses coconut shells – which are deemed useless – and converts them into daily use items which are eco-friendly.

According to a News18 report, Chinnathambi hails from a village near Srivilliputhur called Poovani. This place is located in Virudhunagar district, where he has been creating daily use, homemade, eye-catching products which are consumer friendly – all made out of coconut shells.

Unfortunately, Chinnathambi lost his job during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and was in absolute dire straits financially and was unable to take care of his family and their needs.

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Instead of breaking down under pressure due to loss of job and Coronavirus, Chinnathambi who was always keen in creating homemade products started working with coconut shells with the aim to create something new and novel.

Emboldened by the success of his initiative, he decided to turn this passion into a business in order to earn money for the upkeep of his family. Starting with collecting all the unused coconut shells at his home, he began creating eye-catching useful products like tea cups, candlesticks, flower vases and hundial boxes. With his business gradually doing well, he started sending his products for sale in other districts around Virudhunagar.

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Now devoted full time to this work, Chinnathambi is presently busy creating a unique product. He is designing the tower of the Srivilliputhur Andal temple — a symbol of Tamil Nadu — out of coconut shells.

In a chat with News18, Chinnathambi said: “I lost my job and was going through a major economic crisis for the last two years during the lockdown period. I’m currently collecting coconut shells that are thrown away and considered to be of no use. Using them, I’m making eco-friendly household items and aesthetic products through which I earn a decent income now.”

He praised his wife and children, who not only encouraged him but also helped him to a large extent in this endeavour to create artistic products. Through media, Chinnathambi has requested the Government to provide him monetary assistance and also encourage other artisans in this field.