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Tamil actor buys Sundar Pichai’s ancestral home in Chennai, father breaks down while handing over papers

Alphabet boss Sundar Pichai (Image courtesy: IANS)

Tamil film actor and producer C. Manikandan has bought the ancestral home of Google CEO Sundar Pichai in Chennai, according to a report in Hindu Business Line.

Manikandan, was looking for a residential property in Chennai, and decided to go for the deal when he came to know that this was the house where Sundar Pichai was born and grew up in.

“Sundar Pichai has made our country proud, and buying the house where he lived will be a proud achievement of my life,” Manikandan was cited as saying in the report.

Manikandan was deeply touched by the humility of the Google CEO’s parents as Sundar’s mother herself made a filter coffee for him and his father offered him the documents at the first meeting.

The Google CEO’s father is reported to have become emotional while parting with the property.

“Sundar’s father broke down for a few minutes while handing over the documents since this was his first property,” Manikandan said.

The house is located in the city’s Ashok Nagar locality and Manikandan plans to build a villa at the site.

Sundar Pichai grew up in Chennai and then went to IIT Kharagpur in 1989 for further studies.