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Stunning Video: Braveheart saves girl from being crushed by goods train by lying prone in the middle of track

Mehboob risked his life to save a girl who had fallen on the rail track in Madhya Pradesh

Video shows a brave carpenter saving the life of a girl who fell on the railway track in Bhopal as a freight train was approaching.

On the evening of February 5, Mehboob, the 37-year-old carpenter was walking to his factory in the Barkhedi area of Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal along with some other pedestrians when they stopped to let the goods train pass.  However, they were stunned to see that a girl, standing with her parents, suddenly fall on the railway tracks while the train had come closer.

The brave Mehboob, with complete disregard for his own life, ran to save the girl and put her down on the middle of the railway track as she was trying to stand up.

In the video, the young man and the girl are lying on the track and wagons of a long goods train are passing over them.

 Mehboob had the presence of mind to hold the panic-stricken girl’s head down.

A video of the heroic rescue made by locals and now widely shared on social media