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Striped hyena rescued after 2-hour operation in Uttar Pradesh village

The striped hyena that took refuge in a culvert in Azizpur

A male striped hyena created quite a stir in the sleepy village of Azizpur in Kosi Kalan in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura district.

Inhabitants of the village were shocked to spot this creature which had taken refuge inside a culvert and worried about its safety and also of the residents, informed the authorities. The State Forest Department officials along with Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit based in Agra rushed to the spot.

The five-member rescue team of the NGO travelled two hours and on reaching did a quick recce of the narrow culvert with torch lights to confirm where the hyena was hiding.

Striped hyena Azizpur2
The animal entered the transport cage which was placed on one end of the culvert after two hours

Having rescued several animals from this situation, the team quickly blocked one side of the culvert and placed a transport cage on the other end.

The hyena took two hours to come out of hiding and enter the cage. On examination it was found to be a male, aged six years. It is currently under temporary observation and will soon be released back into its natural habitat.

The NGO’s Co-founder and CEO, Kartick Satyanarayan talking about the operation said: “Having rescued hyenas, and even leopards from culverts in the past, we know how time-consuming these operations can be. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be patient, as the animal might be scared or distressed. We are glad that the rescue happened seamlessly without any harm to the hyena.”