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Starting the First Spring post-Covid 19 on a bright note

Debjani Dakshit's 'Spring-1'

Welcoming Vasant or Spring with open arms, especially after the gloomy spell of Covid-19 pandemic, six artists are exhibiting their artworks, full of colour and vigour. The group show "Vasantotsav" organized by Noida’s Art Life Gallery, is available online till March 2. The artists include Neelam Sachan, Shweta Nim, Debjani Dakshit, Sabia Khan, Dr. Chitra Singh and Vivek Singh.

Stating that it was relevant to weave a show around this joyous season, its curator, Pratibha Agarwal says, “the 28 paintings have a common thread of new life and the life giving elements.”  The show truly highlights these elements.

Shweta Nim's 'Bloom 1'

Dakshit’s “Spring Series” (1, 2 and 3), are full of bright hues, depicting greenery in full while Nim’s “Bloom 1 and 2” and “Splash 1 and 2”, too, with vibrant colours, gives a feeling of wellbeing.

“Spring 1” shows a lovely trail with rich verdant on either sides, making one desirous to take a walk on the path. “Spring 2” and “Spring 3”, gives one glimpse of trees with a nice open countryside inviting the viewer to go for a hike at this scenic spot.

Sharing that Dakshit hails from Kolkata, West Bengal, Agarwal, says “Debjani has no dearth of inspiration from Nature. Bengal with it’s beautiful, fertile rural areas is reason enough for her to wield the brush for a brush with nature.” The lush green Bengal countryside is vivid in her works.

Shweta Nim

Nim’s “Bloom 1” depicting branches, fresh leaves and flowers, exemplifies new life. “Bloom 2” with shades of yellow, orange and red, exudes vibrancy. It looks like a bunch of flowers whose hues and fragrance makes one feel alive.

Her “Splash 1” with yellow and shades of blue and “Splash 2” with an array of colours from blue, yellow, white and green, gives energy and buoyancy.

Shweta Nim's 'Bloom 2'

Being a young and upcoming artist, Nim’s love for experimenting with colours comes through her artworks. “Being an artist with a lively nature, the colours of her happiness have flowed on the canvas adding up to the pleasant season,” observes Agarwal.

The meaning of Vivek Singh’s “Life Water Series” like its title is self-explanatory. “Life Water 1” with its shades of blue and white creates the imagery of water that is charged with vitality. In “Life Water 2” the white, the blues, greys and the earthy shades hints at a waterfall.

Vivek Singh's 'Life Water 4'

“Life Water 3” shows a churning of the liquid through varied colours like yellow, white, and shades of green. Replicating the origin of life on earth, it seems all set to give birth to something new. On the other hand, “Life Water 4” is a serene picture of trees, foliage and a water body reflects tranquillity.

“Life Water 7” is truly majestic as Singh through his brush work gives the viewer a feel that one is watching a river in full spate. Coming from great heights, you feel its power and energy. The forlorn tree, in the midst of all blue, white and brown colours, is picturesque.

Vivek Singh's 'Life Water 7'

Singh finds his muse in nature and water, especially the sea, as is evident from his works. “As an artist with a serious concern for the environment and the crisis of climate change, his works focus on the conservation of water and rising sea levels,” says Agarwal.

Singh’s “Flowering “along with the “Bloom Series” highlights birth and regeneration during Spring. Agreeing, Agarwal observes, “after the harsh winters, the flora and the fauna heave a sigh of relief. They come out in full bloom to rejoice the rejuvenation of Mother Earth. The artists, in their elements, in the season of spring also start with happy art works away from the gloom of winters and doom of the pandemic.”

Vivek Singh