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South Korea disallows “fast music” in gyms to check Covid-19 cases

Representational image. South has issued directives to gyms to curb the rise in Coronavirus cases (Pic: Courtesy coachmag.co.uk)

With the second wave of Covid-19 still raging on, countries all over the world are trying to check all activities that could lead to an increase in the number of cases.

Now gyms in South Korean gyms have been dissuaded now for playing fast-paced and “Gangnam Style” music during the group exercises, as a measure to check the spread of Coronavirus. The new rules don’t permit playing of music which is higher than 120 beats per minute when people are participating in group exercises like spinning and aerobics.

The reason for this regulation according to South Korea health officials, is to avert those working out in the gym from fast breathing or splashing of sweat on others.

Incidentally, the country has encountered a record number of pandemic cases in the past weeks.

Other directives in place are limiting treadmill speed to six kilometres per hour, prohibiting use of gym showers and allowing a maximum of two players for table tennis matches per table.

According to an article in independent.co.uk, these modifications have been severely mocked at by the Opposition. They described them as “nonsense”.

The reaction of the owners of the gyms who have to implement these new rules is that it is not possible to enforce them. Talking to Reuters, Kang Hyun-ku a gym owner said: “Playing bright tracks is to cheer up our members and the overall mood, but my biggest question is whether playing classical music or BTS songs has proven to have any impact on spreading the virus.”

Making a pertinent point, he added: “Many people use their own earphones and wearable devices these days, and how do you control their playlists?”

Though widely appreciated for its efforts to check the pandemic during the first wave without going in for strict lockdown measures, in the second wave, South Korea, has faced increasing infections.

This has resulted in the authorities advising people to stay at home and disallowing gatherings of more than two after 6 p.m. Further, while schools remain closed, eating outlets are functioning with limited seating and are barred from operating after 10 p.m.