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Sona Mohapatra conceptualises music video 'Portraits of quarantine'

Sona Mohapatra conceptualises music video 'Portraits of quarantine'

Singer Sona Mohapatra has conceptualised a music video, <em>Portraits of quarantine</em>, as an idea to timestamp this period of isolation with a ‘moving photo album of her band, crew and team members and further on the people they have shared this tough and unpredictable lockdown with.

There is also a message to many who are battling loneliness and depression.

The singer and producer performs <em>Tori surat unplugged</em>, with a chill lounge soundscape and Amir Khusrau's poetry with her band. The video features the faces or <em>surats</em> that make this period an easier one to navigate.

Sona believes that despite the tough situation of the last few months, these are the people around her who have kept her enthused and motivated as an artiste and human being. On her worst days, she derived strength from her team and band, whom she misses the most in this lockdown after travelling with them across the world on an average of 16 days in a month.

"We don't have to have 'mental illness' to experience psychological issues during Covid-19's stressful impact on humanity. To cope, everyone needs connection and compassion. If we are lucky we have shared this quarantine period with someone who provides that support, be it by being physically around or even available virtually. This music video is an ode to that," said Sona.

"World Music Day is around the corner and is a wonderful occasion that lets my whole team come together virtually to do what we do best; perform music that not only entertains people but also uplifts their soul," she added..