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Social media somersaults as Tanzanian siblings lip-sync Bollywood song to perfection

Tanzanian siblings Kili Paul and Neema (Photo: IANS)

Dressed in traditional Maasai outfits, Tanzanian siblings Kili Paul and Neema left everyone impressed with their perfect lip-syncing of the song, Raatan Lambiyan , from the Bollywood blockbuster Shershah. 

“We’re mind blown and very happy. Everyone is sending me messages, my DM is full. India’s love is so pure, I don’t know how to explain it,” an overwhelmed Kili told The Hindustan Times

The original singer of the song Jubin Nautiyal shared the video clip.

One million views on Instagram in just five days and it is still counting. 

Watch Video: 

Kili told the daily that while doing the song, he realised there was a part where a girl sings, so he showed the video to his sister Neema, and she practised it over and over until she got the lyrics. 

Kili posted a video of another popular song, Shah Rukh Khan’s Jalima song from the film Raees.

Watch Video:


 “Indians are amazing in how they’ve supported us. They don’t fake or pass any judgements or care where you are from; they just show love. Now that I’ve seen where my audience are, where real people and real love are, I’ll bring the best of myself for them. I’ll invest more in India. I’ll try to catch up on dance trends, lip-sync songs, and do comedy. Be ready India, we’re coming. Big things are on the way,” Kili told the daily.